Friday, July 11, 2014

New Game Jitters

Tonight we're starting a new group. I'm not GMing, but I still find myself with the new game jitters. It's not real jitters. I'm not nervous or anxious about a bad performance. I am, however, curious and excited about what the game will bring.

I believe I mentioned it before but we're going with an Infinite Worlds game ran using FATE Core. So far the party has an interesting mix of abilities. Currently in the party we have:

  • A son of Amber
  • A Corporate Bagman/Troubleshooter from the Aliens Universe
  • A Dimension Hopping Dr. Who-esque Detective
  • The Skylander Scratch
  • A Super Soldier Space Marine
  • An Ice Elemental Magic Archer
  • A Glacial Storm Caller
From that alone I'm sure you can see the game is big. That's 7 PCs, and most of us are fairly experienced with the whole reach out and grab things we like. 

Fortunately the GM we have should be more than up for the challenge. Among other things he has run Infinite Worlds with GURPS before for a prolonged period and a game that at one point had nearly 10 PCs in it. I don't think the logistics will be a problem.

Still, first sessions are usually an entity in and of themselves. How do you get the group together? How does the group get a long? With 7 players the odds of two PCs just not getting a long increases, and that - unfortunately - can cause larger tension within the game. That hasn't traditionally been a problem with this group, but going forward you never know when things will change.

And yet, I can't wait to see how it goes. Hopefully it will be fun.


  1. Can't imagine playing in a campaign with 7 players - that's a lot! How'd it go?

  2. As the person running the game in question, I felt like it went gratifyingly well. Starting a first session can take a little effort to get things rolling, but once I threw the characters together, things just flowed along. With seven players, there was some variance as to how much limelight each PC got. All told, though, I felt good about player engagement and the fair division of attention.

    To cap it all off, A.L. got to throw a Fate Point at adding the aspect "Directed by Michael Bay" to the climactic scene, chasing down Nazi armored trucks in the middle of the desert. I love running Fate Core. :-D