Monday, June 30, 2014

Infinite Worlds - What To Play?

Due to a personal matter one of the regular Friday games here is being handed off to a different GM to take over for the foreseeable future. After some deliberation the group has decided to have an Infinite Worlds game run by one of our friends using FATE Core.

Now, Infinite Worlds is a very interesting game type. It's basically a game where you can literally play anything - because there are infinite worlds so everything you can imagine is possible. The PCs are all from their own worlds with the same world being used only if collaboration or linked characters are coming in. In short, there's a lot of freedom. You want to play Dante from DMC? Go ahead. You want to play Dante from DMC but in a version where he's a she and the world's population is all vampires? Go for it. I mean it when I say "literally anything."

So you can imagine the problem that gives me. Generally I GM not play. Currently that's about a 40/60 split between playing and GMing but I still usually end up GMing more often than not during these things. I'm also used to a bit more structure in some sense with the world. I seem to be the only person being affected this way. It's not a problem of not knowing what I want to play but rather wanting to play too many things. A sheet of paper nearby has like twelve different concepts for characters I think would fit in with the other PCs and be fun to play.

The solution to this? I'm basically going to make them all. FATE is awesome in that you can make characters very quickly with just some Aspects and some skill ranks. So I'm going to make them all and then decide which one should be the most fun, or which trends in characters are showing up the most.

With luck it'll work and I'll have a character ready to go for the first session in 2 weeks. If not...well, crunch time will add its own limitation.

How about you? Any new games starting up out there? What do folks have going on?

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