Saturday, June 14, 2014

Discussion: How Long Have You Been Gaming?

Thursday and Friday are busy days at work this week, and with a friend's wedding on the weekend I'm not sure how much spare time I'll have with getting my own clothes ready for "proper public appearance" and other things like that. With that in mind, I figured I'd ask a simple one today.

How long have you been gaming?

For me it's been about 20 years, though it feels a lot longer than that sometimes. I got started when my cousin John made up a game using the stats from the Marvel collectible cards and we had games where people played their favorite marvel hero. From there I moved into Palladium Games with Heroes Unlimited and TMNT until I found myself in an AD&D second edition game.

I grew up during the whole White Wolf industries growth but never got too into the game system. In fact, I didn't really leave AD&D aside from brief forays back to Palladium systems like Robotech and Ninjas and Superspies until I ended up in an L5R game. It's been my main game ever since.

Now though I find myself liking a bunch of different systems and worlds. I care less about the mechanics of a game then I do the stories the world/game lets me try to tell with my friends.

How about you?


  1. Just like you, my gaming experience started abou 25 years ago. I grew up most of the time on AD&D 2nd addition. I can remember me and my friends argueing about game mechnics, until I understood it is just a tool. The last 8 years I've been experimentingfrom time to time with several systems and worlds, creating campaigns and few timers to try new stories and gets the feel. We still do that while the main system now is Pathfinder. We plan on starting soon Eclipse Phase.

  2. I got into gaming about 15 years ago when a friend asked me to play Vampire with him. I never got into fantasy RPGs at all and the storytelling system of White Wolf really influenced my style as a player and GM, although I haven't played it for ages now.

  3. About fourteen years, though there have been gaps. I started with 3rd edition D&D, and that and 3.5 was pretty much it through middle and high school. In college I branched out to L5R and now Star Wars, though I still have a deep love of the system that has since become Pathfinder.

  4. I've been playing off and on for about 28 years. I started with a bunch of 1e/2e stuff I got from a garage sell. I have probably started playing more seriously in the last 4-5 years after I found out about the gamer community where I live. I've played every edition of D&D and Savage worlds primarily. I have recently started pathfinder since my GM decide to switch to it when our SW campaign ended.