Friday, June 6, 2014

Discussion: The Groundhog Day Effect

First, I apologize for the late and awkward post today. Work was a bit busier than I expected, to the point I didn't get my break I normally write the posts on, and after work I had a bachelor's party to go to. Currently I've just returned home after having seen The Edge of Tomorrow and it has me thinking. How would that story telling device work in a game?

For those that don't know, Edge of Tomorrow is a Sci-Fi Action Thriller where the hitch to the plot is that Tom Cruise's character is reliving the same day again and again. Everytime he dies he wakes back up at the beginning of the day and does it again with the only differences being those he makes happen.

Now, in a game the first question is do you Groundhog Day one PC or all of them, but beyond that has anyone done it? Has anyone tried it? How did it go? What pitfalls did the table top game bring to the equation? I'd imagine the fact that PCs are, by default it seems, a little more psychotic than most could make for interesting exploration and experimentation on the PCs part, but in general how did it go?

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