Friday, May 2, 2014

Discussion: What Does Your Villain Want?

Following up on yesterday's post I figured I'd take Friday's traditional discussion to ask you all this: What does the Villain of your game want?

Now when I say Villain I want you to note the capital V. I am talking about the big bad, the antagonist, the guy - or lady - that is making things happen and bringing things up against your players. Maybe we're talking the CEO who runs the corp the PCs work for and don't know they should be working against, or maybe we're talking about the evil Lich King that is raising an army of undead.

Have you not thought of this question? Maybe you should take some time to do so right now. Keep in mind that people rarely identify themselves as evil. Even the most vile of villains usually has some noble reason for what they do. Emperor Palpatine and Vader just want to bring order to the galaxy, after all.

So, what does your Villain want? And just how are they going about getting it?

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  1. This is such a good question, that it might even be used to make some mooks more interesting. Maybe a low-level guy is really trying to stand out with the boss - or alternatively, has no interest in getting hurt. Better if all mooks in the universe don't behave the same.