Friday, March 21, 2014

Discussion: Level Gating

This is something that L5R kind of introduced with its most recent supplement book (The Book of Secrets.) How it works is certain feats of skill are impossible to do unless you have a skill at a certain rank. For example, in order to forge a "Great Quality" weapon you must have Craft: Weapons at rank 7, or be a Tsi or Kaiu smith and have Craft: Weapons at rank 5.

It is an interesting rule shift as it, in a sense, puts a new bar on things. Truly amazing feats don't just receive a high TN but also require a high skill to even attempt. I am curious what people think about this.

I see good and bad to it personally. On the good, it gives a way from preventing a lucky roll on Lore: Shadowlands from having a PC with 1 rank of the skill from identifying the super rare custom Oni you just built that the Kaiu Witchhunters have no idea what it is. On the other hand, L5R is a system where difficulty is reflected by high TN.

Whether you play L5R or not, how do you feel about mechanics like this? Is it ok for certain actions to be gated behind skill levels?

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  1. I agree that certain accomplishments should not be accessible via a lucky roll - so I'm good with it.

    By the way, speaking of The Book of Secrets, if you're up to a review of it that be something I'd enjoy seeing.