Monday, February 24, 2014

Loud Noises

At the writing of this I've just left the table for the roughly "once a month" Star Wars game that one of my housemates runs. It was a good session. Lots of people got lots of stuff done, but for me the table seemed very loud and I was amazed at how well the GM was able to keep everything under control without having to instill harsh order.

This has me wondering about how others GM. Do you thrive with PCs throwing things at you and dealing with a hundred situations at once? Or do you, when things get crazy, calm everything down and take care of things one player at a time?

I think I've made my preference clear, but I find it easier to handle things by slowing it down and instilling order. Of course, that could be governed more by my mood and how much tolerance I have for general noises that distract everyone/everything in the middle of progress.

What about you? Which way do you go?

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  1. I'm a fan of replicating the "tone" of the scene with the GMs interaction with the players' as much as possible - though obviously easier said than done.

    So if the scene involves chaotic combat, then i think it's great if there's chaos at the gaming table, as long as the GM can handle it.

    Without making any claims to fame, I like handling a couple different PC actions at once. That's only during narrative time though. Combat automatically has an order - for that the great challenge is keeping the pace fast.