Friday, January 31, 2014

GenCon Bound

I've been debating announcing this or not, but figure I may as well. This year I'll be going to GenCon for the first time. I'm still debating putting in for a press pass, but either way I'm hoping I'll be able to get some decent coverage of at least some of the events going on for you guys.

This will be my first con in like fourteen years, so I'm pretty excited. That said, it's also my first con in fourteen years and the first con near as big as gencon as I'll be going to. Any advice? (I know the basics: shower, snacks, water ;) ) Right now we're trying to secure closer housing but that's more or less a moot point for now.

So yeah, this year I'll be at GenCon. If it goes well, hopefully I'll get to go to more in the future. Anyone else going?

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  1. Jealous that you're headed to gaming Mecca - mazel tov.

    Never been, so have no GenCon nuggets to offer (so I'm expecting a list of tips upon your return for the rest of us).

    I did hit the four local Cons in the Bay Area last year (there's 5 total but two are strangely on the same day) and since, this is not only your first journey to the RPG promised land, but your first Con period in 14 years - perhaps general Con advice is in order. Hm, did I learn anything?

    Well, personally I like to have my time largely accounted for at Cons. Getting something really interesting going on-the-fly at a Con I think isn't something to count on. I line up my events, try to get registered for as many as possible to lock them in, schedule meet-ups with other attendee-friends, schedule Vendor Room time, etc. Since this is your first pilgrimage though, so I'm thinking you probably want to plan on a certain amount of sheer walk-about time to soak it in.

    Btw, how is it a guy that's been maintaining a gaming blog for years hasn't been to any gaming Con in 14 years?? That's crazy. You've been denying yourself on that front - stop it. I've freshly returned to gaming after a decades long hiatus, attended all four local Cons...and am addicted.

    Looking forward to your after-action report!