Monday, January 6, 2014

Four Years...

Technically it's not for a few days yet, but January 9th marks the 4 year birthday of this blog. I say this blog, but what I mean is "my gaming blog" as a concept. See, four years ago I started this blog on live journal with the name ArtOfGaming. I was only active for a week or two before making the jump over to blogger. All the posts from the live journal were moved over, andI've been blogging here ever since.

Four years is a long time. In the grand scheme of things, maybe not so much, but for a side project it is fairly long. Originally I was posting every day, 365 days a year. Over time that has wound down with it mostly hanging at 5 posts a week. Back when I started I was fairly confident in my ability to go on endlessly about gaming, GMing, playing, and the story telling bit that went on behind it. I'd say four years of regular posts is proof of that, even if I do go back over topics on occasion.

That isn't deliberate by the way. Topics come up on this blog often as they come into mind. Quite frequently I don't remember if I've done a topic recently or not, and even then my thoughts on any given day are likely different from the previous one. Still it does happen, more often of late I feel, and I am sorry for that. But this post isn't meant to be an apology for failures of topic or keeping pace.

See, the fact is, I'm pretty proud of this blog. I'm proud that it is still going. I like the readers I have. I like that I have, for the most part, kept it system non-specific with its advice. I like that a lot of times I can advice to help me with my own problems by reading the blog myself or the comments you guys leave. It's an awesome thing.

So here is to four more years with this blog, if I can keep that up. I am still in the process of debating if I can keep up with 5 posts a week or if I want to stay at 3 posts like I did for December. I'll let you know by the end of the week.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for commenting. Thanks for following. I doubt this blog would still be here without all you guys and girls.


  1. I actually really enjoy the revisiting of things and seeing how your views shift, or don't shift but clarify. I wonder if you'd be able to get more frequent guest posters and then do your thoughts on their posts as well as the beginning of a discussion day since two views even if over two days can be a better way to start a discussion.

  2. There is no doubt that four years is a long time to keep up just about anything. Well done, sir... well done.