Monday, November 4, 2013

Why Do You Game? What Does The Game Do For You?

Without wanting to go into it there has been a lot of discussion around a couple of my game groups this past week about why we game, what we're looking for in game, and what we want the game to do for us. The conversation has been on the periphery of what we have actually been saying, but when I review those conversations this is what it comes down to every time.

Now, some things are obvious. Most of us game to fulfill a social obligation/opportunity. The game lets us see people, interact with them, and scratch that human itch to interact with other mammals of the same species as us for good or for ill.

Beyond that there are things such as telling a story, telling multiple stories, or solving complex problems via math and creative thinking.

Beyond that though lies the thing I'm getting at. The mental onus that makes us look to gaming where others might look to sports, watching television, going out to the clubs, or hitting up the bars.Why do you game? What do you want out of your games? What is it the hobby does for you?

I don't want to offer suggestions. I can't even fully answer for myself, but it is something to consider. However seriously we take our games themselves there is power behind something we all do so routinely. Why do you game? What does it do for you? What do you need it to do for you?

I think once we can answer those questions for ourselves we'll have an easier time approaching the game and our groups.

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  1. First of all & most obvious to me, is the creative itch that gaming scratches for me. I have found that I enjoy thinking about gaming as much as I do playing the game. I like to think about the conspiracies & situations that could be fun for the players.

    Of course, it also gives me an opportunity to spend time with friends & enjoy comraderie with those who share the RPG bug.