Friday, October 18, 2013

Discussion: How Is Your Game Going?

Quick one for today, but I'm curious. How is your game going? Anything fun or happy going on?

I, sadly, have no updates this week for  my own games as they've been cancelled due to illness. So how about yours? Sound off and let us all know in the comments.


  1. I finally am getting my first opportunity to run a Eberron game so I'm extremely happy. We have a horror themed event this month at the local game shop and I'm going with a Zombie outbreak on a Thrane airship bound for Cyre which will be my version of what destroyed the region.

  2. My news is the ramp up of my gaming activity. Was on a decades long hiatus until late last year. Now I'm GM'ing a Dark Heresy campaign every other week. I'm playing in a Cthulhu game every 2-4 weeks. Soon I'll be playing in a monthly Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game. Latest addition is it looks like I'll be GM'ing/playing in a rotating-GM/game every other week. Whoa! I'm excited...but a bit concerned about possibly overcommitting. It's all good. Fired up.

    Slightly more to your actual question, the Dark Heresy campaign I'm running is going pretty well. It's bi-weekly and 7 months old - so definitely out of its infancy. The player roster has stabilized & the starting-level characters are gaining some gravitas. The story arc is developing nicely. My GM-improv skills have made unexpected progress - which is good because my prep skills still need work.

    The biggest challenge of our game is the rule system, because Dark Heresy is in 2nd-Edition-Beta-hell right now. It's a long story, but I unfortunately have the campaign participating in the publisher's 2nd Edition beta...and after we fully converted they completely threw out the beta. Ugh. We're stuck in rules no-man's-land until FFG gets its act together, which they say won't be until late November.

    May your readers learn from my mistake - don't expose your ongoing campaign to betas, no matter how big the publisher or stable-looking the beta; wait until the fat lady sings. Beta participation is for mock skirmishes & one-shots. Caveat emptor.