Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Discussion: Your First Game

If the past few days have been any indicator, this week is going to be rough. I'm going to try to get a solid update up for tomorrow after my Shadowrun game, but my free time has been going into game prep rather than going into blog writing. Sorry about that, but work has been hell.

Anyhow, the day being rough aside, I'm curious as to what everyone's first game was. What game got you into the hobby? What game did you start off with? What game made it all click for you?

For me, honestly, the first game I played was just some silly system my cousin made up for Marvel Super Heroes based off the stats on the back of their trading cards. Each card had several abilities with a power level associated with it. From that my cousin made a game and I got to play my favorite comic characters fighting through adventures and battling evil. It was pretty awesome. Shortly after, on another visit, my cousin introduced me to AD&D and Heroes Unlimited. Safe to say I was hooked in short order.

Whenever our families got together my cousin and I would play games, trading off who GMed and who played one or several PCs. When he hit highschool and I was up visiting I'd play in his regularly running game dropping in and out as time went on. Meanwhile, back home I ended up in several AD&D games, Robotech, and a brief run in with a game called L5R.

Looking back at it now a lot of my life has been fashioned or shaped in one way or another by the gaming hobby. A lot of me comes from those games and what they teach folks. Funny how it all started with a D20, some trading cards, and a desire to play Darkhawk and fight against Sentinels.

How about you?


  1. My first game was Vampire - Masquerade. I have no idea if I had gotten into the hobby as seriously with D&D or the German DSA - I never really liked fantasy RPGs. But Vampire was just right for me with its storytelling system and they way we used it to explore our characters' personal stories. I played Vampire for years with the same group and then got into several other groups that played call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, 7th Sea, Deadlands and a couple of other games.Or rather still play, I'm still gaming with that same weekly group.

  2. Awesome that you found a good group. That can be a lot of fun.

    Sadly I never got into a long running Vampire game. I have played in a few LARPS (only for a weekend or two), a few weekend games and such like that, but never one where the game could actually do what it was meant to do and show all the politics and the fight to maintain the inner monster.

    Same with Werewolf and all the other White Wolf games out there. Sadly, it is an itch that will likely never get scratched either since none of the GMs, or people I game with out here, seem particularly interested in that genre.

  3. I'm not actually sure what the first RPG I played in high school was - but it was Traveller that made it all click for me.

    Other contributors were GammaWorld, Champions, Aftermath & Space Opera. Despite much preparation & plans, barely played the latter two, but they still contributed to my excitement about gaming.

    It was multiple epic weekend-long sessions of Traveller that set the hooks in, though.