Friday, September 20, 2013

Discussion: Minimizing Distractions

Following up on yesterday's post about lacking focus at the gaming table, I figured I'd follow up with a simple question: what do you do to minimize the distractions at your table?

Personally, I try to minimize my own distractions by not having electronic devices in view when I'm at the table. There's really only one player in my group who I trust with having their iPad at the table, and that is because they've proven over countless occasions that even if the iPad is distracting them that they're still more involved with the game then almost everyone else at the table combined.

Other things include making sure the table is cleared of non-gaming (specific to the game in question I mean) paraphernalia before the game begins, and trying to give the group time to chat and get the "normal" social interaction out of the way before we begin the game itself.

When I was younger I used to enforce a "you say it you do it rule" which usually kept people at least in character and very deliberate about marking themselves as out of character lest they accidentally do something like light a bus on fire.

What about you? What do you do?

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  1. A big thing for our group is to get the pre-game socializing in. Another big thing is that we all have pretty equally busy lives which means we all really want to stay focused.