Friday, September 27, 2013

Discussion: Best Advice You Ever Received

I've done this before and gotten good responses. Today I want to know what some of the best advice you've ever received for gaming is. It can be for GMing. It can be for playing. Heck, it can be for setting up the table or how to roll dice. So what is it?

For me, it is probably this: you can't have good roleplay without bad dice rolls.

In other words, sometimes people need to fail and fall, and if they don't fail and fall we never get to see that side of them which takes from the game. Not everything always goes smoothly, and if a game always does have things going smoothly it is robbing its players of a major facet of that game.

How about you?


  1. Mine's similar to yours, but a second one is "You create (y)our own fun"

    Basically means that, if you're not enjoying the roleplaying, you'll have to look at yourself first to see why you're not enjoying it, and what you need to do in order to be enjoying yourself. Of course, the next step is talking to the other party members if it involves them, but it starts with yourself. :)

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  3. I'll list a couple. First good advice that comes to mind was when I was starting a campaign earlier this year with mostly strangers. A couple of more experienced RPG'ers told me to start with plenty of players & prepare for turnover. We hadn't started yet but I'd met with everyone to roll up their character and I had a pretty good feeling for everyone that had signed up. I suspected that starting crew was in it for the long haul. Wrong. The advice turned out to be sound, there was plenty of turnover & was glad I had a queue. Don't take anything personally & just roll with it.

    The other advice was from blogs, including this one, to make sure you have fun as GM. It's a huge factor. However you might feel about your preparation for that session, when game time approaches it's time to put those thoughts aside & have some fun with your friends. My prep's not as consistent as I thought it would be when I started the campaign. The good news, though, is that my GM improvisational skills is better than I expected. Having fun helps unlock the creative improv.