Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day Gaming?

First, a bit of news. There will be no update on this blog on Monday, nor will there likely be one on Tuesday. I work at a University and this weekend is move in weekend which means all hands on deck, so I'm going to be working both Sunday and Monday and not in the happy "plenty of time to tool around and write on the internet" kind of way - not that I have much of that anymore anyhow.

So, anyhow, that is what I am doing this weekend. So...

Second, anyone got any fun game related plans for the weekend? Today (Friday) is the second session of the third generation in my L5R game. That should, hopefully, be a lot of fun. Time will tell though, I suppose.

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  1. Oh yes, indeed - I'm attending a local gaming convention this weekend, CelestiCon ( Besides just being able to play ALL WEEKEND, I'm most excited about trying games I haven't played or have barely played.

    They have early-game-signups for those pre-registered. Tonight I'm confirmed for a game I've never heard of, Crone (, that is being run by its Project Manager.

    Saturday morning there's a couple games in the same overlapping time-slot that I'm targeting, Nemesis or Star Wars: EoE. Nemesis is the horror setting for the One-Roll-Engine (ORE) system, which I've been really hankering to try ( One of my "things" as a GM is in trying to keep some fog of war & pressure/stress during combat. So I'm fascinated by the concept of players having to declare their action before seeing other's actions resolved.

    Star Wars: EoE has been widely well reviewed, including on this blog & who doesn't like the Star Wars universe (

    I'm confirmed for a Savage Worlds game Saturday night. Just played it a couple times & looking forward to getting more acquainted with it.

    Hoping to get a taste of Eclipse Phase Sunday morning (, a game that describes itself as "post-apocalyptic transhuman conspiracy and horror".

    Sunday night I'm confirmed for a session of Burning Wheel (, a system that sounds quite unique with very involved character-dialog resolution. The GM posted he's looking for all players to have at least read the 74-page Rules, so I've got some reading to do.

    Of course, I'm also looking forward to hopefully running into some friends there. I'm fired up.