Friday, August 9, 2013

Discussion: Your Longest Game

Ok, I apparently suck at scheduling things this week. This was set to go up TONIGHT at 12:00am as opposed to last night...whoops.

Recently I discovered that my L5R game has been going for about three and a half years. That is a long time, but we started in January of 2010 and being as it is now August of 2013 and the time is what it is. Now, we only meet every other week as opposed to every week - and there have been some breaks from the game - so it's closer to 2 years of a "real" game or whatever, but still. It's awesome, and I rather enjoy it. Especially since that when the game started I was specifically hoping for/attempting to run a game that would go for "as long as possible." 3.5 years later and we have just wrapped up the second generation of PCs and are looking to start the third generation.

How about you? What is your longest running game? Did it end? If so, how. if it is still going, is the end in sight?


  1. I was designing an RPG in college called "Ember Twilight." It was in the beta testing phase, and I really needed to give it a workout. Starting my sophomore year, I created a small setting with several villains and a decent sized underdark.

    The campaign lasted until I graduated. Three solid (school) years. Each session started around 3pm on Saturday and would last until about 1am. I had 7 players + me as the GM. We were able to max out the levels on numerous characters and see that the system worked from the very lowest level to the very highest. I'm quite proud of how it turned out, even though the game was not a commercial success.

  2. That is awesome, Troy. I'll have to check the system out.

  3. I had one last a solid two years in college, which is usually where everyone's most intense games occurred. A particularly dense game as most of the players lived within shouting distance and it was a popular game.

    Since then, most weekly campaigns seem to last a year or so. Some of that is my fault, as I don't like picking up games which I stopped playing more than a few months in the past and if half the party is new, I prefer to start over.

  4. In high school (Which was a long time ago!) we played a fair amount over those years but I don't remember much emphasis on sticking with the same character or campaign.

    So, I think my longest campaign is the Dark Heresy campaign I'm GM'ing now, which is bi-weekly and four months old. So 3.5 years sounds like an enviable eternity. :-)