Friday, August 2, 2013

Discussion: Which Of Your Gaming Books Is The Prettiest?

Recently I've come into possession of not only Edge of the Empire but also FATE Core. One thing both of these games have in common is that their books are absolutely gorgeous. They have nice hard covers, solid pages, good layouts, and nice art all throughout. They're not the prettiest gaming books I've seen, but they're definitely up there and a definite sign of high quality.

My question for today though is which of your gaming books is the prettiest or most interesting to look at? Which does the best job of pulling you into the game and the world from which it comes? Which game book do you find yourself flipping through just because the simple act of turning pages is a real pleasure?

For me I'm not sure which is the prettiest I own but Edge of the Empire is up there along with the special edition of Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition. As for selling the setting, I'd have to say Trinity. For those who haven't played it, Trinity's book looks like a binder and reads like a dossier on the world and events going on. It'll probably come as no surprise that this is a White Wolf game, and they always do a good job on the world lore.

So, how about you?


  1. The prettiest I own is Nobilis, the game I'm ever too nervous I'm not a good enough GM to run. It's so good looking that you could have it on the coffee table book. As for setting, that's kind of a toss up for me. I'm going to go with Bearers of Jade.

  2. I don't have a lot of core rule books but all the books I've seen from the publisher of your Star Wars: EoE, Fantasy Flight Games, are beautiful & top quality.

    As far as sick settings that pull you in, it was their Dark Heresy Core Rulebook & WH40k setting that dragged me back into gaming last year after a decades long hiatus.

  3. SIFRPG Game of Thrones is a pretty book.

    think my Call of Cthulu book does the best job of pulling me in. I actually wonder if its poorly organized on purpose though...