Friday, July 5, 2013

Awesome Stuff To Check Out

Sorry it's not a "real" post today, but I figured I'd take some time to give a shout out to some awesome products that are coming out, have just come out, or you should keep an eye on.

First, the new Star Wars RPG Edge of the Empire is out now. Some retailers already have it on their shelves, and some online vendors are already sold out. This game is a lot of fun in play and while the specialized dice may be problematic it is a really fun game. Especially if you like Star Wars.

Second, next week sees the digital release of Shadowrun 5th Edition. I'm a big Shadowrun fan, even if the game is crunchier than my normal tastes, and I'm really excited to see what changes they're bringing about. Especially since early word is that they may have finally gotten the matrix into a state where your team's hacker isn't always off playing his own game.

Third, people are starting to get their copies of FATE Core and FATE Accelerated Editions in the mail from the Kick Starter. My copy of FATE Core won't be arriving until about August - silly me ended up getting one of the autographed copies - but my cope of FATE Accelerated is here and it looks pretty sweet and fun.

Fourth, while not a table top RPG July 25th sees the release of Shadowrun Returns. I'll let the page speak for the game but it looks like a lot of fun.

Fifth, and finally, we're about a month away from Gencon and that means a lot of big releases should be coming out soon. Anything you're excited for?

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