Monday, June 24, 2013

Discussion: Your Iconic Weapon

Small and quick prompt for today. Mostly because it's a question on my head and I figured I'd ask it here and see what I got back from folks. Assume a High Fantasy setting for the question by the way too.

If you're GM was getting ready to start a campaign and asked everyone to give their character some sort of iconic weapon what would you choose? If everyone had to have a different or unique weapon what would you go for? Would you fight to be the person with a sword? Go for something more exotic? What weapon would you go for if you had to have a weapon that would be iconic for your character.

While you're at it, what would you expect out of a campaign where you are asked to have some sort of iconic weapon?


  1. It's actually one of the world's simplest and most functional weapons, but I have always had a soft spot for the Gladius, and would go for it straight away.

  2. I heartly approve of Paul's choice of the Gladius. I think I'd pick a pair of Colt 1911, Commander size. Just plain functional ones, not fancy.

    What I'd expect from a campaign where one is asked to have an iconic weapon is to in turn BE an Icon as a character. To stand for something as a symbol as much as a person.

    1. Whoopsies, I just had it pointed out I missed the "High Fantasy" note up top. In high fantasy I'd go with a hand axe, one of narrow ones that's useful as a tool or a weapon with a character who's more then "I do this because I must" type.

  3. I go for a spear. I've always had a preference them and they are fairly versatile weapon.