Thursday, May 23, 2013

What Do You Want More Of?

Quick, non-gaming related post today.

First off, I apologize about the sporadic nature of the blog lately. I've had a lot going on, and it's made keeping focus on the blog a bit harder than normal. This should resolve itself, and I'm going to try to get things going smoothly again.

That said, in order to write I need to know what to write. What do you guys want to see more of? Did folks enjoy the Campaign Proposals? Do folks want another series? A different series? Just more of the same generic advice as we go along? More advice specific to a system? More News?

Let me know in the comments. As much as I write this blog for me, it's also meant to be useful for you guys as well.So, how do we make it as useful as possible?


  1. I always like the articles that give ideas about world building.

  2. You mentioned system-specific advice - I'm running my first campaign & it's in Dark Heresy...anything specific to that would be fantastic, but asking for that feels selfish.

    I do like series. Player deaths series was great; that's a good subject. I've currently got a crazy amount of player turnover going on - perhaps a series on that?

    Would love a series on session-prep - what's worked, what hasn't, how much time one should be spending on it per session, what tools you use, etc.

    Perhaps a session on how to get players to cooperate in various areas - e.g. being on time for sessions, keeping their character sheet updated, perhaps providing you with an updated copy after each session to look over, helping with the Adventure Log, etc.

    What about a series on the best of this blog?
    Very impressively, you've been keeping it going for years and you've probably covered most all these topics before. Perhaps if you took a walk down memory lane and commented/provided links to some of what you feel has been your best stuff.

    How about a series on gaming conventions, since I'm heading to one this weekend (KublaCon in the San Francisco area). Tips on having the best game convention experience.

    A series on managing a whole campaign. Basic wisdom? Pitfalls?

    Here's a subject for you that I've been thinking about lately. In reading RPG literature, I've realized that I don't really think too much about what my players want. My focus has been to represent a very complex interesting world with a variety of scenario-types, a maximum of character-history-tie-ins & a minimum of ludonarrative dissonance. Comments?