Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Have Fun

This is going to be the last post, for this week, on positive thinking to help with your game. That said, despite the previous two posts, I forgot to mention one of the most important factors in enjoying your gaming time: you need to have fun. See, the G in RPG stands for game, and games are supposed to be fun. We get together with our friends for our regular gaming sessions to have fun. So, why are we letting all this other stuff get in the way of that? So here are some quick and dirty ways to remove the obstacles to have fun.

Screw The Rules
This may sound crazy to some of you but the rules are there to provide guidelines for play. If those guidelines get in the way of the fun of the game though, you should feel free to ignore them and do things the way you want. Is there any harm in letting the player try that thing they want? Would it be fun? Do you have an idea on how to handle it without having to go digging through the rule book? Then why not handle it and be done with it. Yes, some players - and GMs - will want to go by the book. If this increases the fun, then awesome. Otherwise, just go with what you feel is right and keep things moving. Speaking of..

Keep Things Moving
When everything is going crazy and fast it is easy to get swept up in the energy and have fun in spite of yourself. As fights go on, RP emerges, and all the crazy heroics come into action people have fun. However, when the action keeps pausing while people look up stats, look up rules, discuss what can and can't be done? It gets real easy to realize that you're not some elven thief running along two inch thick roof top peaks but instead just some guy named Bob who is sitting around a table with some friends playing a game of make believe. The magic is lost, the fun vanishes, and it's hard to get that going again.

Dare To Be Stupid
This is more for the players then anyone else, but you know all those moments in your favorite TV show, movie, book, or comic? The ones that made you laugh out loud? Yeah, how many of those were 'smart' actions? I'm willing to bet not very many. Sure, they seem smart. Why? Because they worked out. But for that to happen they first need to be attempted. Do the right stupid action and no matter what things get interesting, which also means fun.

Roll With It
Finally, for this post, I can't stress enough how well the ability to just roll with things, as a player or GM, can help to keep things going and keep the momentum and fun going. Just go with what is out there. Don't fight it, just have fun with it. If things don't work out, roll with that too. If you think something is wrong, talk it out after the game. In the moment though, just try to have fun.

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  1. There's a couple of good ones in there for me. Had a new player whom I'd only recently met coming in a couple of sessions ago, who is playing the equivalent of a Thief-class type character in a dark-future setting. There was a strong storyline calling for action but when I asked her what she'd like to do she would just say that she was out & around pickpocketing. Totally caught me unawares & my response amounted to, "Uhhh, ok", and I'd move on to the other players who were acting on the storyline. Hers was an unusual choice given the circumstances, but the problem was mine not hers.

    My main pitfall with that situation is there wasn't a preset mechanic or protocol for pickpocketing for me to easily fall back on. Does she get the item? What item? Does the mark detect her? What exactly is the mark's reaction? Scream? Attack? Tho of course a good GM quickly "Screws the Rules" and decides on reasonable characteristics/skills to involve and "Rolls with It".

    My immediate reaction to her character's action was stress because it wasn't what I was expecting & didn't know what to do. My reaction needs to be, "Ha, okay cool...let's see...."

    Afterwards, in preparation for the next session I generated a protocol for pickpocketing so I'm ready for her now. But I need to evolve so I'm ready for her then.