Friday, May 17, 2013

Discussion: What Makes You Geek Out?

Gamers are generally decently excitable, especially when it comes to our games. The stereotype that a gamer will talk your head off about their favorite character does have some grounding in truth, after all. So, my question for you today is what makes you geek out about your games? What gets you so excited that you'll find yourself telling people who maybe don't even game about it?

For me, it is generally when I manage to pull something clever off as a GM. Things like the Shuten Doji fight in Shadowrun that I posted about yesterday. I love it because it is fun as a narrative, and as a game, and also as just something silly and neat. What about you though? What kinds of things just make you want to tell people about what happens in your game?


  1. For me, it's when I'm GMing and a layer pulls something amazing out of the bag, and totally gets one over on me. And to a lesser extent when I manage something like that myself...

  2. Currently its playing D&D with my kid. Every time he does something awesome I have a uncontrollable need to tell anyone that will listen.

  3. Right now, as I try to get better about GM'ing...what excites me is when I'm able to execute well at "the process". To wit, when a session's pace is crisp, especially the combat. When the narrative & results are palpably gritty, gaining the players' full attention. Finally, when the world's ludonarrative dissonance is extremely low.

    When, by some miracle, I manage for however brief time to get those three's like crack. (Or it's at least how I imagine crack is.)