Friday, May 10, 2013

Discussion: Summer Gaming

Today is 'Commencement' for the senior students at UMass and the day they take their first steps out of the academic world and into the real world. Now, I know a lot of the folks who frequent this blog are beyond college and school. I think most of us have settled into some professional job or another, but the point still stands that we're on the beginning of summer. For students it means a lot of free time and things to do. For the rest of us life carries on, but if we have kids they have a lot of free time and lots of people like to take vacations.

My question for you guys today is: do you have any special plans for summer gaming? Anyone planning on hitting a convention? Taking a week off with some friends and seeing if you can power through a campaign in one go? Taking a vacation with the spouse and kids to visit family who may also game?

Sound off in the comments and let us know. Unfortunately, at present, I have no special plans for gaming. I'm hoping to hook up with my cousin and his wife over the 4th of July and get some gaming in there, but aside from that it is business as usual. Don't weep for me yet though, I mean, I get a lot of regular gaming in. Still, what about you? Any fun plans?

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  1. Ha, wow - taking a week off and seeing if one can power through a whole campaign - that sounds fun. Unthinkable but fun. Guess it's been too long since my school summer vacations.

    Planning on attending KublaCon gaming convention in the Bay Area over Memorial Day; looking forward to that. Nice opportunity to try playing new games. Might GM a session in the Open Gaming room.