Friday, April 26, 2013

NEWS: Kickstarter Review

Today being Friday, and Friday being the "light" day on this blog traditionally, I figured I'd take the time to go over some projects on Kickstarter that may be of interest to you. I've organized these by how much time you have left to decide if you'll support these or not. Unfortunately, all of these have already been funded (which may be a good thing if there is something you want on a reward tier.) If you have any non-funded RPG related kickstarters going on, please let me know and I'll see if I can give them some time on here. That said, ready? Let's go.

Obsidian Portal Reforged
Obsidian Portal is a campaign management project. I've personally never used it, but I know that several of our regulars here do and they all seem happy with it. More to the point, it's always good to have something to help you with keeping your campaigns organized and I know there are times I could use help. Hopefully with this being funded it will lead to a whole new era of ass-kicking campaign management.

Robotech RPG Tactics
I talked about this last week, but it's still pretty awesome. I rather enjoy the Macross Saga part of Robotech, and the Southern Cross and Invid Invasion arcs are pretty awesome in their own right as well. Add to this the fact that Robotech lends itself very well to a tactical game and this should hopefully be an awesome first step into a new type of game for Palladium.

Yeah, I'm plugging Evil Hat again. Thing is, I like the FATE system. I like it so much that I'm planning on swapping one of my games to that system to see how it holds up under that kind of stress. Beyond that, I like dice, and aside from their use in FATE and FUDGE games, FATE dice can be used as an add on for any kind of roll. The first four sets in this kick start have been revealed, along with the first set for the second run. Check them out, there's probably a color scheme you really like.

Golden Sky Stories
I saved this one for last as I haven't talked about it before. Golden Sky Stories is a self called "heart warming" RPG where players take on the roll of magical creatures (fox spirits, dog spirits, etc) in a sleepy Japanese town and try to, through the power of friendship and cute presumably, solve problems. What has me interested in this project is that the game isn't a combat RPG and anything that tries to shake things up by shifting away from the defacto conflict resolution in every other RPG deserves at least a look in my book. Aside from this, the game looks adorable with some really cute pieces of art. Check it out and help bring this game - and a slew of extra content - over to the English speaking part of the world.

Check back at 10:00am for a small discussion post.

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