Thursday, April 4, 2013

Discussion: Most Epic Failure Ever?

I'm sorry. The main post intended for today is going to go up tomorrow. Work is being work and looks like I won't be taking a break long enough to write a proper post, so for now I'm going to move Friday's post to today and well get today's post tomorrow. Funny enough, they share a topic.

I've said on here multiple times before that for good RP to happen you need to have bad rolls. So, my question for today is what was your favorite moment of failure? What failed roll, failed job, or just missed opportunity gave you the most fun out of it?

For me it was probably when my character in a L5R game lost a one on one fight with a crazed tattooed monk. The character was an "elite/ace" type. The kind of person who the group relied on - at least later in the game - to be able to pull off the impossible and take anyone on one on one. Most of that development came from this failed fight. Despite best efforts Mesutsume couldn't fell this monk and he knocked her out cold. It was the first real major defeat in her life, and it didn't help that her rival one shotted the monk the very next round.

The impact of the loss sent the character soul searching and developed her into a new and interesting character. One of my favorites of all my L5R characters to be honest. I don't think it would have happened if she had won that fight.

How about you?

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