Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RPG Blog Carnival - Epic GM Moments

This month's RPG Carnival is being hosted by Kobold Enterprise, and seems to be in line with the concept of the recently passed GM appreciation day. That is, this month Kobold Enterprise wants folks to share stories of epic GMing or moments where a GM has done something epic.

For my own entry I'm going to have to take a moment to talk about one of the best GMs that I've ever played with. This is the man who actually introduced me to the hobby and got me into gaming in general. He's also the only person to make me regularly forget what system I am playing when I get the chance to game under him. D20, D&D, or whatever other system he's running. The epic moment I'd like to talk about? A Game of Thrones D20 system one shot that he ran.

The moment in question is hard to pin down. This was an extended one shot of a game ran over a weekend. My character was a Bravosi Water Dancer (the guy who taught Arya in the first book used this style) and the other character was a run away noble. The whole game just fit the style of the universe though. The enemy family, whose name I forget but their symbol was a bull, the description of armor, the mix of politics and action, the whole thing was simply top notch.

The best part? The GM in question is amazing at description particularly in fight sequences. He just has a knack of capturing the spirit of a fight scene and maintaining it despite the natural slow downs with mechanics that come up in every game. It's something I've always wanted to copy but have never been able to . Still, it's definitely something to aspire to.

How about you? Have any epic GM moments to share?

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  1. I came back to gaming late last year after an eternity away. Which is to say I've been a player in only two RPG sessions since high school.

    So I'm going back to high school for this but one of my H.S. best friends was GM'ing Traveller for myself and our mutual other best friend. We played the entire weekend from dusk Friday to later Sunday in a scenario aboard a starship called The Kininar(sp) and I think all three of us agree it was the best (3-day) session any of us had played. Our GM let us get away with a lot - but somehow it worked for that one.