Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Resource Collection

Short post for today, sorry.

We've all got various tools we like to use when we're gaming. Places we like to go for inspiration. Places we like to go for mechanics, ideas, or just visual references. Most GMs pull from friends and past experience a whole lot, but it doesn't mean that we don't also have our various haunts we like to go to regularly for more.

Today, I'd like us to share some of those resources. Maybe we can make this post a place to check for various links. I, of course, will share one of my new favorite haunts and places to check out. Namely, reddit.

Reddit isn't a huge secret, especially if you are online a lot like most bloggers are. However, there is a lot of data that can be pulled from reddit. Quick visits to places like /r/rpg can get you in touch with lots of other DMs for questions, stories for ideas, and various other ideas and props you may need. Most games that are based in a known universe will have another reddit (like /r/shadowrun or /r/starwars) dedicated to that universe.

I've only been using reddit for a short time, but it has made a lot of things for my games (especially my shadowrun game) a lot easier. It's also just good to go and see what other people are doing with their games.

Aside from reddit, most of the places I visit for other types of help are actually listed on the blog roll on the right side of this page. Stuffer Shack is a personal favorite, though I haven't been there in a bit. Life and Times is another great blog, and he regularly posts campaign ideas which is always good to get the brain going.

SO what about you? Where do you like to go?


  1. I made a post about this a couple of days ago here. The Story Cubes mentioned there are great for getting creative because they force you to think outside the box. It may not look like it at first, but they are good for any kind of game, no matter the setting.

  2. I have to agree with you about Stuffer Shack. And I promise, it's not just because I'm writing a weekly column there...

    Nah, joking aside, I've been going there since I started using blogs as inspiration and sounding boards for ideas.

  3. To be honest, I use everything for inspiration. Sometimes when I'm watching a series, there is at least one character who has great potential but is ignored by the writer and/or rest of the cast. For example, Edith from Downton Abbey ended up as an NPC in one campaign, as a journalist. :) Books are another great source, not just the setting, but mostly the potential that's not explored inside the story itself. Ever read a book and had the feeling: "what would've happened if..." ? Yeah, that's what I use.
    I also frequent websites aimed at writers, I like writing short stories for my campaignworld so that's a win/win. They often have tips GM's can use as well, like (apparently it's down at the moment, sorry).