Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Guest Star Session

Short post for today. Mostly as I'm still noodling this concept. See, I've got a friend who used to be part of my Friday night game around this weekend. He's still welcome in the game and has asked if he could sit and watch. Considering I think that watching an RPG is one of the most boring things you can do int he world I've decided that instead I would have him guest star a character.

How this will work? I'm honestly not sure. However, he won't be around enough to warrant him having a PC, and I'd rather do more than have him play some random NPCs, so I figure I'd split the difference. For my friend the session will be a one shot. For the rest of the PCs it will be an adventure with deeper ties to other things going on. The visiting player will have an NPC, but it will be an important NPC that for one session will have the powers of a PC just with a bit more GM guidance.

The idea for this game in particular? Well, my players are all playing local city magistrates so I figure it would be good to have an Emerald Magistrate come in with a big case and just kind of take things over. It should, hopefully, play out like an FBI take over of a local police investigation, complete with the biases and other things that can come from that. The player is excited to give it a shot, and I can't honestly wait to see how it all falls in at the end. Hopefully well, but we'll see.

On the question side: have any of you done this? Did it work out well? The challenge will be to get him involved fast enough that he can do his thing. After all, we don't get a second session if I can't introduce him in the first 10-20 minutes. What other challenges should I look out for?

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  1. Unfortunately, I can't give you any insights from experience but I was JUST thinking about the "guest" player concept so had to read this post & had to comment. Please post as to how it went because I suspect I'll be doing this in the future - or maybe I just hope to.