Friday, February 1, 2013

Discussion: Where Are Your Games At?

Recently I've hit a very high point in my gaming. Both games I run are humming along nicely with the players invested and some awesome things playing out around the table. The same is happening in the two games I'm a player in.

As a player,I'm super excited about introducing my new character into the Dresden Files game, and I'm super excited about finding out whether or not my character is going to live or die through the big fight that's about to happen in the L5R game. No matter what happens, both games are looking up with a lot of interesting and fun plot hooks and twists to come and well, if that's not what gaming is about then I'm not really sure what hobby I am doing but it is a lot of fun.

As a Gm I'm also excited. Shadowrun just had a huge fight, the groups first real defeat, and they handled it swimmingly. Contacts were made, resources used, and despite having lost the VIP they were protecting they managed to get him back and complete the job. More jobs are coming along the pipeline, but in the mean time social connections are forming (both with other PCs and NPCs) and the group really seems to be gelling with the world. L5R wise the group is a bit split with things going on, but still invested. the two big pulls being a group of less than super nice gangsters in an area of their city, and a strange Yogo in the city has the rest of the group intrigued.

All in all, it's a good time for my various gaming groups. What about you? How are your games going? Anything super awesome look like it's coming down the pipeline?


  1. I play in a Cthulhu Gaslight round with just one other player and our characters have fallen in love. For various reasons, both out- and in-game, they haven't seen each other for six months and now they'll meet again. There won't be much actual CoC happening on that evening, but a lot of free roleplaying and I'm looking forward to that. We'll give them one last adventure and then we'll retire the characters - we're both too attached to them to let them go insane or die.

    My 7th Sea character who has lived in exile for the last five years is going to see his wife and daughter again, his daughter for the first time since he left home. We want to set plans in motion that will eventually allow him to live with his family again and I'm super excited about that.

  2. Free roleplaying can be awesome. I hope that session works out well for you. Sometimes characters deserve a happy ending. :)

  3. Informative article sharing. Anyway, there will not a lot precise CoC taking place upon which evening, although a lot of free of charge roleplaying along with I am awaiting for which.