Friday, February 8, 2013

Discussion: How Many To Play?

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Mostly just a prompt for today. As one gets older so too does their gaming group. Beyond that, folks always have life creeping up and making them miss game. My question to you guys today is how many of your players do you need, usually, to hold game?

Personally, I've always held to the 3/5 rule. If I have at least 3/5 of my players (or one more than half, how it usually breaks down) then game will be on. If I only have half, or less, no game though I'm usually up for a one shot, a side story, or something else like that.

How about you?

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  1. This is becoming a real problem for my group. We're supposed to play today, but two people dropped had "something come up" so they can't make it, while a third player didn't even respond to the emails. I would have been left with 2 players (running the first module in the Serpent's Skull adventure path by Paizo).

    We are all in our late 30's with families. We try to plan weeks ahead and pick a day that nobody has plans for. Yet, it never fails that 2-3 of them always seem to have something else to do when Game Day comes.

    I like to GM, and I like to be a player. However, the lack of interest is killing me. I'd much rather play with my friends than the local gaming club, but I don't know where else go to go recruit more players (or more reliable players at least). Its a real dilemma that has me frustrated.

    Anyway, there's always board or card games we could play instead if we only have a couple people show up but that doesn't satisfy those of us who really want to play RPG's.

    Curious how many of your readers, or you yourself, experience similar issues and how you may have solved them.