Friday, January 25, 2013

Off Topic - Custom Fate Dice

In general I try not to plug too much commercialization here, but I also like to help people who write the blog asking for me to look over a project or other thing. Why do I mention that? Well, because last week the fine folks over at Front Range Games noticed that I've been talking a lot about FATE Core and the Dresden Files RPG and reached out to me about a kickstarter they have going. I figured it was neat enough, and definitely directly related to the core concept of this blog enough, that I'd bring it to your guys attention today.

You can find the product and relevant information here. Essentially they are making custom FATE dice and the first set is themed to the Dresden Files. I'm not a particularly huge fan of customized dice myself for practical purposes - it can be very easy to confuse which symbol is which in the heat of the moment, sometimes on purpose - but I do have to agree that they can help with getting into character or staying with the theme of the game. After all, when you are rolling to see if your wizard succeeds at a task do you want to see a bunch of numbers (or + and - signs as the case may be) or arcane sigils? I know I rather enjoy using my Japanese dice when I play L5R (though I don't always use them for the above mentioned reason.)

So, if it meets your interest why not mosey on over and take a peek. Maybe you'll find something you like.

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  1. The project has grown, and now there will be three more sets of artwork available along with the Mystic Rose when the project funds. backers are voting right now for which three themes will be unlocked. It might be worth a second look for people who weren't to keen on the original Mystic Rose artwork.