Monday, January 7, 2013

How Does Your Lord React?

A situation came up in my Friday L5R game that was just...well, rather unique. The kind of thing that really can only happen at a Table Top game. My question for the rest of you guys, if you were the lord of this home/castle, how do you react?

The Situation
What Happened
Bayushi Haji, Scorpion Clan Actor, is in attendance at the Crane Clan Embassy to deliver a message for his ambassador. They have a meal, and then a Crane Courtier points out that since Haji has a sword he must be a skilled duelist. This immediately segues into a game of shame the guest and a duel against one of the Crane sensei is set up. Everyone moves to the dojo, the two duelists get into stance, and then Haji bursts into flames. He's put out and healed, but somehow - while a guest of the crane and under their protection - he still managed to burst into fire. So what do you do?

Why It Happened
In order to not leave you in the dark. The reason this happened is due to the PCs earlier adventures. They have been hunting a ghost that has managed to infect two of the PCs with a touch of gaki-do (the realm of hungry ghosts.) While Haji was at the Crane Clan embassy the other PCs were wrapping up their multi-session investigation into the spirit woman's remains. When they found the remains, after purifying the bones, the shugenja importuned the Fire Kami to burn the influence of gaki do - particularly that with the ghosts residue - out. This led to the two tainted PCs bursting into flames after some abysmal void and earth rolls to resist just that from happening.

So What Do You Do?
So here's the question. If you are the Crane clan what do you do? Obviously you don't know about the rest of what happened and made the fire happened, and even if you did it doesn't matter. Nor does it matter that the Scorpion are known for pulling tricks kind of like this. What does matter is that a guest in your home, someone under your protection, spontaneously burst into flames and was injured. What do you assume the Scorpion are after? How do you play your next move? Are you cautious with your next plans? More brazen? What level of respect do you give to the person who self-immolated with no warning or apparent means?

I know how the Crane lord in my game will react, but situations like this are unique enough that I figured it'd be worth seeing how others might react in the same situation.

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  1. Oh wow, that's pretty unique alright. The fact that a guest pretty much spontaneously combusted in a duel means is a big slight to my hospitality and honor.

    I'll call for an investigation, requesting on a Jade Magistrate from a 3rd party to serve as a neutral investigator to determine what happened.