Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fate Core Update

I told you guys that I would only do this twice more, and with the Fate Core kickstarter entering it's last week I figured this was as good a time as any to give you guys an update on it. The next, and final, prompt will not be a whole day's post but just a final reminder. That said, if you like gaming - or just incredible gaming deals - you really owe it to yourself to check this kickstarter out. Let's talk about why.
First Of All
First of all if you like telling narrative/cinematic feeling games with high tension and drama than Fate Core is the game for you. The system doesn't care about representing physics like many systems does and instead focuses on representing dramatic and story telling themes. The system is incredibly flexible but also fair and fun. Best of all? Aspects will give a better idea of who/what a character is than almost any other character sheet related mechanic which is awesome for two reasons. One, it means if an NPC or PC has to be played after a long pause it is easy to see the RP notes just by looking at the aspects. Two, if the character ever starts to stray they can glance at their aspects and see where the character started then decide if they want to change an aspect or bring the character back in line.

Second of All
Fate naturally encourages your players to be stupid. Now this may not seem like a great idea, but how often have you had your players make the smart decision rather than the in character decision because they didn't want to be penalized, killed, or otherwise defeated? Fate has a number of handy ways around this including incentivizing doing stupid things. If you do something that makes things harder for yourself, or the group, but is in character for you - as defined by your aspects - then you get rewarded with a Fate Point. What does a Fate Point do? Why it gives you power to be awesome when you need/want to be. So to be powerful you have to increase the drama and excitement of the game.

Third Of All
That flexibility I told you about? Well, let's put it this way. For years now my go to system has been the Roll and Keep system used to power l5R. I can make that system dance. I, and my group, have made modern combat ports, space opera ports, steam punk ports, vehicle combat rules, and all manner of other things for it. We, frankly, love the system. Now though when I think of a game type I want to play that I don't have a specific game for my mind starts going through Fate Core. I'm also a lot happier with the results (less work for same effect) because Fate's emphasis on story just makes it so damn easy.

Fourth Of All
I've already talked about how awesome Evil Hat is with these. You can read those thoughts here.

Fifth and Finally
Stretch Goals. Fate Core was up with a goal of making $3,000. It, at the time of this writing, is just a bit shy of $300,000. Where is that extra money going? Well, glad you asked. With a mere $10 buy in you not only get fate core but all of these other things (except where specifically noted) as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look!

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