Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Discussion: Zany Happenings

On Monday I mentioned how one of my PCs managed to spontaneously combust while a guest in a rival clan's embassy. This is the kind of thing that most RPG players have dozens of stories for and one of the things that makes the Table Top experience truly unique.

Today, I want to see what people are willing to share about the zany happenings that have gone on in their games. Try to provide some background, but only if it helps understand the story.

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  1. So, a Scorpion black ops team's cover has been blown by their own side. And after they complete their mission they split up to disappear.

    Leader: I'm going to go back to our training facility, kill the least useful trainer and take over his life. "Hi honey, I'm home!"

    Saboteur: I'm going to go live in a forest and spawn myths that it's haunted by doing awful things to anyone who comes in that isn't in my chain of command who's there to give me orders.

    Magistrate: I'm going to go ronin, and go join the Lion as a Matsu, I think I'll like it there. You will be able to find me if I'm needed.

    Political face: I'm going to go take my bodyguard/ninja nd go take over the yakuza in this area that has really nice plums, I like fresh plums.

    Swordsman: Remember that legend we used to screw with people about a roving ronin of awesome, I'm going to go be that guy.