Monday, December 3, 2012

Shadowrun - Session 3

There seems to be some interest in how the Shadowrun game has been going, so I figured I'd keep it up with the post-session updates on the game. Today's may be a bit shorter as I am writing it several days after the game. Still, the important points should still be here.

The game started with everyone having some time after the recent craziness. For the most part the action focused on Willa (the 18 year old girl whose grandfather was killed in the first session) and the group making sure she was ok.

Willa, for her part, went back to school and tried to live her life the normal way. Her status as a cheerleader and one of the smarter students made the school have a public out-pouring of love and concern. Underneath that though was the standard kids being kids and some rather mean/nasty things were said. One kid went a little far and sent a custom video of an animated character that looked like her grandfather taking a swan dive off a balcony. Willa didn't take that very well.

When she got home she asked one of the group for help tracking the message down. This led to the game's first excursion into the matrix as Willa and Prof went after the video. They tracked it to a small company that does custom 'greeting cards' and hacked the logs to find who the customer for the video had been. A bout of cyber combat against a countermeasure program later and they had a name, and their name off the logs.

Willa goes back to confront the girl in school. Her threat is simple. If the girl speaks of it again, or if Willa hears of her doing anything similar again, she'll tell everyone what the girl has done. Prof decides, after realizing Willa didn't kill the girl, that that threat kinda sucks. He makes his own thread: Willa knows people. If the girl doesn't change her ways, some of those people will find the girl and kill her. That threat goes over a lot better.

Meanwhile with the rest of the group, DJ Krush gets a call from one of his contacts. He's being held by a group of people who posed as members of Knight Errant and are holding him in an old abandoned Police building. He would like to be set free if that was possible. Krush gathers the party, and Nafaustu (elf from the 4th world) decides she'll scout the building ahead of time.

While Krush and the rest of the PCs are gathering supplies and getting ready to do some legwork, Nafaustu decides to break in to see the lay of the land. Her infiltration is perfect except for one hiccup: she doesn't understand technology, or how it works, and so does nothing to shut down the alarm system or security cameras. Physically she is nearly invisible. Magically she is well hidden. Sadly, she shows up like a candle in the dark to the security system and three people are sent to find her.

The fight is more even than expected. The three guys are in combat armor and have assault rifles, side arms, and grenades. Nafaustu has a lined jacket and knives, but she manages to get into Melee and keep things on her level. The fight lasts for 4-5 rounds with no one getting heavily injured when Nafaustu realizes she needs to get out before more people show up.

Her method of escape? She runs and jumps out a window, soaking the 3 story fall before fleeing into the alleyways of the city. The session ends with the rest of the group arriving and finding the building looking for the intruder. They now have to decide if they look for their friend inside the building, or outside. The problem? Nafaustu doesn't have a com link. She's new to the entire time period. And now she's lost in the city.

It should be fun.

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  1. I'm always looking forward to these updates.
    Cybercombat is one of my favourite things to do as a player in SR, even though all those rules are killing me. But you can get really creative with icons and how programs and abilities are represented online, I love that. My hacker uses a San as his icon and so far I've managed to stay with that iconography for all the stuff he uses online (a striped mice as an agent, ostrich eggs and a spear as various attack programs and a Nuka-Cola bottle for the one time I used my Black Hammer program.