Friday, December 14, 2012

Discussion: Holiday Themes

This is pretty much a "gimme" topic so I figured I'd get it out of the way. With the holidays here there's a lot of traveling going around. For some people that means their regular groups miss games as the people involved spend time with family. For others though, it means that they can get back together with their old gaming groups as they end up back in the old stomping grounds or otherwise just make the extra effort to get together. The fun fact is, for many of us holiday gaming is a thing.

For discussion today I figured I'd ask what holiday themes follow you around for gaming? What games do you play? Do you try to bring the holidays into your game (even if not around the holiday time period?) Sound off in the comments.

For me, there is generally gaming one way or the other. Either I'm able to be home, or close to home, in which case the regularly scheduled gaming can happen. If that is cancelled for some reason, and I'm home, generally some other kind of game will happen. The best - for me at least - though tends to be when there is a holiday get together at my Uncle and Aunt's. We've been going there ever since we moved to the states some 20 years ago, and it is also where the cousin who got me into gaming lives. Weekends there usually result in some 10+ hour gaming sessions (yes, plural) in a small but talented group. My cousin is still one of the best GMs I've ever seen and has managed to show me the "true" way systems I've written off as not for me should be run to make them engaging and fun for everyone involved. It's a rare treat, but one I definitely enjoy.

Sadly, this year that cousin is going to be in Florida with his wife (also a gamer) for christmas and new years. the silver lining though is that the holidays themselves don't fall on any of our regularly scheduled gaming nights, so there should still be a whole heck of a lot of gaming going on.

How about you?

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