Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Discussion: Favorite Type of Die

Like I said, during the month of November I'm going to be down to content on Monday Wednesday and Friday. Friday will still likely be discussions, but a bit more thought out. As a small update for today I pose the following question: What is your favorite type of die, and why?

Sound off in the comments.


  1. My favourite ways to die are the ones long remembered. I can live with character death, but I want it to be a good story. It can be a funny story (like the time another PC fumbled and threw a grenade right at that unconscious PC) or dramatic (like dying during a rooftop duell with an enemy who is just that tiny bit too strong for you). I just don't want it to be a footnote in the campaign.

  2. I am laughing like a hyena right now because I swear I absolutely read "way to die" here. And not just once.

  3. I love my roman dIV's. They are D12's with 1-4 three times each in roman numbers.