Monday, October 8, 2012

Holiday Gaming

Just a short post for today. I made one like this last year too.

We're coming up on that time of the year when the holidays take over the television and seemingly the whole world. Stores are already starting to fill with Christmas stuff, which is funny because they're stacked right next to the Halloween stuff. For those in the states we've also got Thanksgiving coming up near the end of November.

So, for today, I want to see what folks are planning for holiday type games. October always seems rife with short horror games and survival-horror stuff going on. Why not too, considering that October is home to Halloween and an in general celebration of the macabre by the masses.

Christmas and Thanksgiving are less prone to themed games but they are chances for people to get together with friends and family members they don't see all that often. If nothing else it provides a chance for people to get together and game and play there games.

So, what games are you planning for the holiday season?

Personally, I'm hoping to get time with my cousin John, his wife, and some of his friends. I'm unsure if it'd be Thanksgiving or Christmas when it could happen, but it's something I'm currently hoping for. John's the guy who got me into RPing, but due to family life and personal issues we haven't had a chance to game in what feels like - and may actually be - years now. So hopefully that'll work out.

How about you?

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