Friday, October 5, 2012

Discussion: Say Something

Say something. Something random. Something poignant. Something that helps you with games or running games. Go for it. Enlighten us!

For me, there is a latin phrase that I like and it generally works quite well for my style of GMing. The phrase?

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam

The only translation I've seen for this states that it means: I will find a way or make one. It works pretty well with the mentality that you shouldn't be saying "No" as a GM, no?


  1. alea iacta est

    The die has been cast

    this is on the logo of our gaming society, mainly because it sounds cool and is about dice. In my mind though it brings to mind one of the biggest challenges for a new GM; sticking to your guns in the face of player opposition. How often has a GM had a player ask and push for a retcon due a decision they later regret, or claim not to have made, or even understand. The Die has been cast; there's no taking it back...

  2. Prepare for fail then improvise success.

  3. Good role playing comes out of bad rolls.