Friday, October 26, 2012

Discussion: Genre Comparisons

Bit of a misleading title, but the idea for today isn't to actually discuss the differences between two genres but rather to take an example that could happen in two genres and show how they might play out differently. Hopefully we'll have fun with this, but if nothing else, just go for the silly, ok?

As an example.

News Story from a Super Hero game:

The masked super villain Hooligan has taken a school bus full of children hostage and is demanding the city pay him one million dollars or he'll blow up a local orphanage. Police are still looking for the hero Patriot, Hooligan's long time foe, to help with taking the criminal down safely.

Similar news story from Cyber Punk/Shadowrun

A masked man calling himself Hooligan was shot and killed today while trying to take a school bus full of children hostage. The shooter, bus driver Russel Hanson, said he didn't want to do it but corporate policy didn't allow the bus off of it's planned route and there was no way that was coming out of his paycheck. Russel is being fined 500 nuyen for the bus's cleaning fees, but is hopeful the bounty on the criminal will cover it.


Urban Fantasy mid to high level PCs react to a dragon.

"Oh god, we're doomed. A DRAGON!"

High Fantasy mid to high level PCs react to a dragon.

"Oh boy! A dragon! Dibs on first magic item in the hoard!" (yes,this is an actual quote from a D&D game I was in...)

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