Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Your Favorite Character That Someone Else Played

Gamers are full of stories about their favorite games and characters, but how much time do you spend talking about the amazing characters you've played with? Today I want to take a chance at fixing that. So, today, the challenge is this: tell us about your favorite character that someone else played. You can see mine after the break.

My favorite character that someone else played would be the evil elven wizard Mozenrath. Mozenrath is the most iconic character my cousin John plays. He is a true Dark Elf (no, I don't mean drow, he's just evil) and is known for being a primary villain in numerous games, even when John himself was a player and not the GM.

Among other things, and perhaps like all fantasy evil wizards, Mozenrath collected a menagerie of magical beings. Some of them were the usual: dryads, nymphs, sylphs, but he also collected the strange. His castle was set atop a magical labyrinth with a fog of forgetfulness cast over it to help keep would be adventurers at bay. In one game, though I wasn't a part of it, Mozenrath slew a god.

My favorite memory of Mozenrath though would be when my cousin, playing from afar, used Mozenrath as a villain for a AD&D game I was running. A player behind the villain, making calls for several sessions in advance (where to move minions/etc) added a level of lethality and challenge to the game that I think went over well, including some awesome encounters between villains and heroes. In the end, when the good guys managed to win and get Mozenrath to leave at least for a time, the victory was especially well earned.

So, how about you?


  1. I have two that come to mind.

    One is from one of my Shadowrun groups, a character called Doomsday. He was rude and a pain in the butt and you quickly learned not to accept even a chewing gum from him because he had a very deft hand with chemicals and drugs. If this sounds like a recipe for disaster, you're correct, but the player pulled it off just right to make it fun. Doomsday has since left the runner team, but we miss him, as players and characters.

    The other one is from my 7th Sea round, a Castille noble called Don Ramon. He's young and reckless and absolutely what the writers of 7th Sea thought of when they came up with the concept of playing a hero. He also has people falling in love with him left, right and centre, something that developed during the game and was made "official" by the GM (Ramon has now the Arcana star crossed). I think Ramon has just the right mix of courage, naivety, intelligence, vulnerability and honesty to make him into a character people admire and like. The player is one of the best roleplayers I know, he really throws himself into his characters and has created a lot of memorable ones.

  2. Stalland the Whitelander. In a game world created by a couple of mates of mine, this character was the Fafhrd to my Grey Mouser. And this was before I'd even read the Lankhmar stories.

    From the get go we had great fun riffing on each other and both being experienced players we quickly fell into a kind of joint leadership role in the party, but used that to push the other players forward into the action. That gave both of us even more time to sit in pubs, chewing the fat and planning the next job. In character we quickly became fast friends and have moved on to an almost brotherly relationship. All in all, a great character.