Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Discussion: Your Best Villain

The fine folks over at Stuffer Shack have a cool contest going on. They're offering cool prizes for a write up of your best villain! Head on over to the link, drop a submission (deadline is July 24th) and get your name in the hat.

In honor of that, I want to hear about your favorite villain you've ever used in an RPG. Sound off in the comments to let us know.

Mine? Mine was probably the villain I ran in the precursor to a teen super hero game. The game itself was set in the late 40s, just after WW2, and nazi agents while stealing an ancient artifact accidentally unleashed super powers on the world. The players, mysteriously, became heroes and the game ended with the first real super powered brawl when a group of powered criminals tried to rob a bank.

The villain in question was a female smart brute with a bone to pick about a number of subjects. She played the role of the muscle hidden as the damsel and later revealed she was also the brains behind everything. The players reacted well to it (yay for time period appropriate stereotypes) and everyone had a great time with it.

The best part? The "Man's man" corporate sponsored superman type hero who was a bit of a misogynist having an out and out super strength brawl with this villainess all the while trying to trade puns and bad one liners about knowing ones place, etc.

The villain later returned in the follow up teen super hero game as the final villain (one of her powers was immunity from aging, making her effectively immortal with other powers.) She left a big enough impression on my players that several of them that are still in my group get the shudders if I describe a female NPC as being "about 5'5" and immediately demand I clarify that it isn't another version of this character.

How about you?

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  1. I would go into details here, but I've entered the competition myself. If you do click the above link, the Twins De La Poer are my creations, and made a great pair of antagonists for a whole year long game.