Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Marvelous Miami - Head Count

Today, well tomorrow at the time of this writing, I begin my Marvel Heroic RPG game. In the spirit of this awesome trailer for the Avengers movie, and the fact my game is set in the Marvel movie verse, I figured that'd make a good post for today. I don't normally do posts about games I am playing/running but several people have expressed an interest, and as this is everyone at the table's first experience with the system, I figure I can also use it as a journal of system experiences. Thursday will be the first session impressions, as I write the posts ahead of time usually for the midnight updates.

The Heroes
Sergeant MacHenderson
Sergeant MacHenderson is a female soldier for the U.S. army who, due to her status as a woman, has been denied front line combat assignments. When a motor depot she was working at in Iraq was attacked by insurgent forces, Sergeant MacHenderson found that she was more than just your average soldier. The good Sergeant comes from a military family whose tradition of service goes back thousands of years. Every first son in her family back to the beginning of the family bloodline has served in their resident country's army, and MacHenderson has access to all of that experience. This makes her  a natural born super soldier, combining literal centuries of experience in combat and eugenics based superior breeding.

Agent Paul Henderson a.k.a. The Silver Spider
Agent Henderson was assigned to protect one of SHIELD's many R&D laboratories. The pet project of his particular lab? Nano-tech research to replicate the qualities and abilities of a symbiotic alien life form (yeah, that symbiotic alien life form) collected in New York after one of that city's masked vigilantes more recent super powered brawls. Unfortunately, or fortunately, for Agent Henderson an accident in the lab resulted in the nano-tech symbiot bonding with him. Recently given a clean bill of health, and upgraded to a SHIELD Super Agent, Henderson has been assigned a post in Miami where he can work and be observed at the same time.

Morrigan LeFae a.k.a. Nuuruhuine a.k.a. Horseman a.k.a. Death
Not much is known about Morrigan LeFae. She literally just appeared in the system with some HR paper work for a position bartending at one of Miami's hottest clubs. In truth, Morrigan LeFae is actually a creature from the fae realms, bound to Winter Court, that has taken on numerous aspects of the fourth horseman of the apocalypse.

Rebecca Vivian Hyde a.k.a. Esme a.k.a. Psychonaut
Born Rebecca Vivian Hyde, Esme resents her parents attempt at Americanification and has adopted a more ethnic-related name for herself. Esme was born with powers; primarily the ability to see and somewhat alter the auras of people around her. After a bad experience with a powerful hallucinogen though her powers went into overload and 'Psychonaut' was born. Psychonaut has tremendous amounts of power at her fingertips, all held back by self-discipline and a set of rules. The quest remains though: will absolute power corrupt absolutely?

The Alternates
There is the potential for up to four alternatives to also be joining this game, though the vote is still out with almost all of them. Among these alternatives is a powerful mutant telepath, and a power armored billionaire in the stylings of Tony Stark.

I'll give more on these if they become a factor.

Looking over the paragraphs I've shared a bit more of my thoughts on some of these than others, but that's also based on what needs to be shared to get them. The question remains, what do you think? Is the Earth safe? Or are these guys going to go Rogue in the second session and try to destroy the galaxy?

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