Monday, April 2, 2012

Stuffer Shack: Site of the Year Award

Decided I'm going to use today's post to pimp out something that could help you. Do you have your own blog? Do you have a website you run or frequent that gives you lots of stuff for your weekly RPGs? Have you submitted them to Stuffer Shacks' Site of the Year competition? If not, why not?

Look, it's simple. Submit your site to the contest, and if you make it to the finals you're going to get an increase in site traffic. That means more people reading your stuff, and more money for you - if you decide to monetize your blog. Alternatively, it just means more e-fame and e-fortune; which is also awesome.

So click here, and submit your site.

Oh, and please don't submit reality refracted. I'm going to be on the panel, and would much rather you use the time to submit your own site, or other favorite gaming site. Good luck!


  1. Well, I WISH I could submit Reality Refracted!

  2. Integrity can be a killer. :) Besides, there are much better sites out there then my ramblings. Still, thanks Tourq :D