Friday, April 27, 2012

Off Topic - Self Pimpage - Corrupts Absolutely?

Aside from a brief message when it launched I've been quiet on the whole Corrupts Absolutely front here. Honestly, I just don't feel right pimping my own stuff, and this blog is intended for more RPG laden endeavors than advertising. That said though, and partially as I am contractually obligated, I do want to take a second post here to pimp the work.

So what is "Corrupts Absolutely?" Well, simply put it is an anthology of 'dark metahuman fiction' with short stories provided by a bunch of veterans and new comers a like. Some famous authors like Weston Oche and Cat Rambo are in there. New comers are folks like me and my debut published short story 'Sabre.'

This isn't just a shill job here though. Anyone running a Super's game can probably find a lot of good stuff in this book for their games. My own story has a take on the Tony Stark class of hero that could add a nice and seedy underbelly to your standard power armored heroes, as well as giving you a shot to make a storyline where who is the villain and who is the hero is actually up for debate.

So, check it out. I'll post links to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the publisher below, as well as to the goodreads page for the book. Oh, and if you do pick up the book and like it, leave a review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. even if you don't like it, leave a review and warn others away.

Amazon Link

Barnes and Noble


Goodreads seems to be broken at the moment, or is that just for me?

A review I rather liked for mysterious reasons.

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