Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quick Fix: Wow, That's Service

I feel the need to write about this. So, about 15 minutes ago I put in an order w/ Margaret Weis productions for a physical copy of the Marvel Heroic RPG. Since then, I have received two confirmation emails that my order has been processed, a receipt for my purchase, a code to get a pdf copy of the book for free from DriveThru RPG, and an email to confirm that the code was coming, thanking me for my business, and that someone would make sure my physical copy got mailed out as soon as possible so I could enjoy the game.

I mean, wow, seriously? Sure, I could see how the constant emails could be annoying for some, but I can't recall the last time I have felt this important as a customer. My order has been there for 15 minutes and I have a name associated with someone who said they will see to my order. It feels kind of good.

A++ Would definitely order again.

P.S. To be fair about the amount of emails, Margaret Weis has you use paypal to pay, so some of the emails have come from paypal confirming the order. Still, I have three paper trails to this order if something gets messed up. Good products and now good service, what's not to love about this company?

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