Friday, March 23, 2012

Discussion: How Much Do You Discuss The New Game?

Quick one for today.

How much does your play group discuss the new game you're going into? Do you even discuss it? Do you even have new games?

Assuming your group changes games (campaigns, characters, systems) on a somewhat regular occurrence how do you handle it? Does the GM pick the new system and everyone go for it? Do you discuss wants as players/GM and decide from there? Do you need a unanimous vote? Simple majority?

My group tends to go with discussion, compromise, and then majority vote to decide on things. Players/GM will discuss what they want out of the new game (something epic, adventure, mystery, fantasy, etc) or things they don't want. Players/GM can hard veto a system, but few people do use this without really good reason. Then, once the basic wants are decided the system/setting are voted on by the players and we go from there.

How about you?

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  1. Google Doodle is our friend here. The only problem is getting all people to participate, but if you don't vote, you silently accept whatever the others have chosen.
    My weekly group has a variety of systems we've been playing on and off (Star Wars, Shadowrun, Deadlands, 7th Sea), usually with two GMs per system and we usually just decide on one of them since we all know what to expect.