Friday, February 24, 2012

Discussion: Canceling Game

Quick post for today's discussion. Aside from some of the blatantly obvious (no one can make it) under what circumstances do you cancel or skip out on game? How sick do you have to be? Do you have an agreed upon minimum number of players to run for? Does your game respect "S.O. before game"? or is the game schedule expected to have some priority?

Obviously there will be some flux even within an individual's answers, so I'm just looking for in general.

Personally, if I have 2/3 of my players I will run. If that means someone misses out on something cool, than so be it. I tend to be a bit prickly depending on the reason for skipping, though certain social obligations (work, etc) will get more leeway. Course, this also depends on the game and how serious everyone said they wanted to take it.

How about you?


  1. I respect S.O. needs X and it has to happen at this time sometimes. When it happens regularly I start having issues with it. Sickness is a pass every time for me. I'll only really cancel game as a GM when I have more than 1/3rd missing, or if my life as ROFLStomped me lately. Again, as a GM I'll cancel if I'm sick in such a way I could pass it on.

  2. The first campaign I've run since high school is only on its 4th session and this hasn't come up yet...but it's been on my mind. Using a 2/3 quorum seems entirely reasonable. 1/2? Hm.