Friday, January 6, 2012

Discussion: Gaming in 2012

For the first Discussion of the New Year, I figured I'd ask folks what games are coming out that you want to try, or have already come out but you haven't gotten a chance to give a whirl yet.

For me, the two big games I want to try are Green Ronin's "Dragon Age RPG" and John Wick's "The Aegis Project." Now, with DARPG I know I'm way behind the times. this game has been winning awards for a couple of years now, but I haven't gotten around to it. Part of this has been schedule - life has been hectic lately - and part of it has just been lack of means. My normal TT group(s) are fairly set on the games we have right now, and those games are good to go for another long while. Still, I may try to sneak in a 3-shot of it next time my L5R game goes on an extended time-skip.

The Aegis Project on the other hand is brand new. In fact, my book hasn't even arrived yet - though I have the PDF copy. The game is an 80's mecha game with all that grit and fun, and is supposed to give folks the feel of a military drama when they play the game. Which, all in all, sounds about perfect for my group of players. Something else I may try to slip in to a time skip at some point in one of the games.

Aside from that, my RPG plans are simple and straight forward. I've managed to get some momentum on both NINJA! and M.A|C.C again, and hope to actually, y'know, do something with both. M.A|C.C especially has been in development limbo for too long as other things took priority. May be time to give it a last clean up pass and see what I can do.

How about you? Got any games you're just dying to try?

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