Friday, January 13, 2012

Discussion: Games To Relax

This may sound weird to some folks, but I'd imagine that a lot of the regular GMs here have games they like to play outside of their campaigns to help them relax. Something to do to unwind from the work of planning a campaign, plotting out NPCs, and figuring out how to challenge your group of players this time.Maybe it is a video game, maybe it is a card game, or maybe you're in another table top RPG as a player. Either way, I want to hear about it.

For me, of late, it's been League of Legends. Sure, I'm in some TTs as well, but the two characters I have are intense enough mentally that playing them isn't exactly relaxing, even if it is fun. League on the other hand has enough mental engagement to make me focus on the game, but doesn't actually get my blood pumping like an intense shooter or other action game will. It's not always my drug of choice, but for quickly flushing away a day in less than an hour to sleep better, it's been working wonders for me.

How about you?

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